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A Transforming South African Company

The Board of Directors of HHO is extremely proud to announce the appointment of two new directors. Mrs Naseema Ebrahim and Ms Makotsene Makgalemele.

Mrs Ebrahim has been with HHO for the past 30 years. She has been key in establishing company policies in line with the latest employment regulations and human resource requirements. As a director she will be responsible for the financial and administrative management of the company.

Ms Makgalemele is a graduate civil engineer and a product of the HHO bursary scheme. She is an active and widely recognised member within the industry, specifically through her involvement in SAICE and CESA. In 2014, she was awarded the CESA’s “Yound Engineer of the Year” award.

HHO is also very excited to announce that as of 01 March 2017, HHO is 51% black owned, with 10% black female ownership. We continue to remain committed to the empowerment and transformation through the active development, mentoring and training of our own staff members. Our 2 new directors are perfect examples of this company ethos. In continuing this approach HHO, has invited 17 new employees to become shareholders in the HHO Empowerment Trust, of which 8 shareholders are female.

HHO is one of the oldest surviving South African owned consulting engineering practices in South Africa. The Board of Directors of HHO is confident that these achievements place HHO in a strong position within the South African market, and demonstrate a clear commitment to transformation and black economic empowerment.

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