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Kommetjie Main Road Ou Kaapse Weg Project

Kommetjie Main Road looking east

What has been achieved?

  • The Palm Avenue/Kommetjie Main Road intersection has been reconstructed & reopened to traffic
    The proposal to close the intersection for a weekend was put to Faerie Knowe residents at a meeting on 25 July 2019. The works entailed the construction of a temporary gravel road between Bordeaux Road and Juniper Way to serve as an alternative route to motorists while construction at the intersection was ongoing.
    After two postponements due to inclement weather, the road closed on the morning of 16 August 2019 and re-opened the next evening - one day ahead of schedule. The temporary roadway was closed and the gate re-instated as agreed with the community.
    It has also been agreed with the Faerie knowe community that the temporary gravel to the Juniper Road link will be removed and the flagstones at the end of Juniper Road replaced.
    Thank you to the Faerie Knowe and Milkwood Park communities for their co-operation and patience during this period of disruption.
  • The Longboat intersection has been reconstructed (up to bitumen base course level) and re-opened to traffic on 16 July 2019.
  • The new 500mm ductile iron watermain from the 4-way stop to 21st Avenue was completed. This is the last link of the new 500mm diameter ductile iron water supply backbone which will run from Corsair Road to Capri Drive.
  • The road widenings and stabilized gravel layerworks on the southbound carriageway of Ou Kaapse Weg from Noordhoek Main Road to the 4-way stop have been completed.
  • 2600 tons of bitumen has been laid on the eastbound carriageway of Kommetjie Main Road from Living Hope towards the 4 –way stop. This tonnage includes the eastbound lane of Noordhoek main Road from Montrose to the signalized intersection.
  • Stabilised gravel layerworks were also completed on Noordhoek Main Road from Houmoed to Montrose, on Wednesday evening, thankfully before the rain!
  • Following numerous requests from the community and Noordhoek residents, the painted out stops at the 3 way intersections at Irene and Noordhoek will be reinstated with painted stop markings and ‘Stop’ signs. Houmoed Ave and Irene Roads will remain as a yield condition in both directions as they were before construction.
  • The reconstruction of the Buller Louw / Ou Kaapse Weg intersection and reconstruction of the four-way stop at the Kommetjie Main Road / Ou Kaapse Weg intersection have been completed.
  • The majority of this project was completed only days before the national lockdown restrictions resulting from Covid-19 was instated.


What lies ahead?

  • The remaining landscaping and a number of minor details on the infrastructure elements will be completed once the national lockdown restrictions allow construction activities to commence.


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