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Sandown Road Bridge Beam Launch

HHO designed and implemented the 4km upgrade of Sandown Road and Malibongwe Drive (M12) from a single carriageway to a dual carriageway. The project included the dualling of the existing road over rail bridge and making provision for future BRT infrastructure.


The project was undertaken by the Milnerton Estates for the City of Cape Town as part of the on- going development of the Parklands area, and the alleviation of high volumes of traffic between the R27 and the N7.
It followed an earlier infrastructure project undertaken by Milnerton Estates and Garden Cities which extended Sandown Road as a single carriageway to Malibongwe Drive and connected Malibongwe Drive as a single carriageway to the N7. The dualling forms part of the future planning where Malibongwe Drive will connect to Giel Basson Drive to form an arterial connecting Blauwberg/Sandown to Goodwood and beyond.

Launch of Beams:

The widening of Sandown Road required the construction of a new +-50m long 3 span road over rail bridge. Each span of the bridge deck was made up of 14 M6 pre- tensioned beams in lengths of 17.8m, 19.7m, and 11.4m and weights of 18, 20 and 12 tons respectively. The total of 42 beams were manufactured off site and launched in a day and a half. The lift was conducted using a 440 ton crane with a 70 ton counterweight.

Current Status of Project:

The project was completed in February 2020.

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