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Sandown Road Project

Cape Town - The City of Cape Town, in partnership with Milnerton Estates and Garden Cities developers, is investing approximately R140 million in converting Sandown Road and Malibongwe Drive up to the Potsdam interchange into a dual carriageway.

As such, the bulk of the costs for the construction will be funded and undertaken by the developers, namely Milnerton Estates for the dualling of Sandown Road and Malibongwe Drive as well as the upgrade of the Potsdam interchange.

Garden Cities will undertake the bulk of the funding for the dualling of Sandown Road from Sunningdale Drive to Parklands Main Road.

The City will contribute approximately R66 million (excluding VAT) to these improvements and the Western Cape Government is involved in the implementation of the Loop Ramp onto the N7.

The project commenced in October 2018 and is scheduled to be completed by May 2020, if there are no unforeseen delays.

The project entails:

  • Dualling of Sandown Road from Sunningdale Drive to Malibongwe Drive (M12)
  • Construction of a bridge over the existing railway line
  • Dualling of Malibongwe Drive (M12) from Sandown Road to the N7/M12 interchange
  • Upgrade of the N7/Malibongwe Drive (M12) Potsdam interchange with a loop on-ramp in the north-eastern quadrant
  • Relocation of a sewer pipeline and water main

These improvements, together with the completion of the link between Malibongwe Drive and Giel Basson Drive which is currently under construction further south, will greatly contribute to relieve congestion to and from the Blaauwberg area.

The construction cost of the project is funded from the development contributions related to developments taking place in Rivergate, Parklands, Sandown, and Sunningdale.

Three MyCiTi bus stops are closed during the construction period. Intermittent road closures of side streets leading into Sandown Road are also needed, but will not have a major impact on the through-traffic on Sandown Road.

"We are spending millions in addressing traffic congestion across the city. This project is but one example of our efforts and commitment to focus on road infrastructure projects that will assist to alleviate traffic congestion in the worst affected parts of Cape Town. Once completed, the flow of traffic along Sandown Road will be improved," said Mayco Member for Transport, Felicity Purchase .

"That said, we also need our residents to be smarter about how they commute and when. Flexible working hours, and working remotely as opposed to going in to the office every day of the week where possible, will go a long way to ease the burden."

- Cape Argus

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