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HHO Re-Brands and Celebrates 90 Years

For 90 years HHO has been innovating infrastructure for life with dedicated, experienced and innovative staff who have contributed to the numerous awards won. In March 2017 we reached 51% black ownership, successfully transforming HHO into a majority black owned firm. All of this was achieved through internal empowerment of our South African staff.  HHO is also 10% black female owned and is committed to B-BBEE, as evidenced by our current Level 2 status. Our goal is to reach Level 1.

HHO is proud of its South African heritage and ownership. We believe that we need to make a positive impact to address the injustices of the past, inefficiencies in our existing infrastructure systems and the total lack of infrastructure in communities.  In doing so, we believe that we can contribute towards economic growth, access to opportunities and a greater quality of life, especially for the poor. We believe we have a significant role to play in nation building and making a positive difference in society.

HHO is rebranding on its 90th birthday with a fresh outlook and a new start. We have a legible, strong, clear and determined logo that gives us prominence, position and presence in the marketplace.  Our new logo declares our brand strength, our market presence and our sustainability as a vibrant company with a solid heritage.

We believe that the HHO brand considers the needs of our clients, the challenges they face and the projects they wish to deliver. Our expertise is based equally on our rich heritage and our innovative approach to engineering challenges. Every aspect of our work is meticulously contemplated, developed, and refined to achieve the best possible solution for our clients and the communities whom they serve. When we partner with our clients, everything is considered.


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