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Non-Motorised Transport Planning

Every private or public transport trip starts and ends with a non-motorised transport (NMT) trip, be it walking, cycling or using a wheelchair. At HHO we believe that safe, efficient and effective NMT infrastructure is an essential element of any world-class transport system. Furthermore, we believe that no NMT user should be discriminated against, and are committed to designing all infrastructure elements to be universally accessible.

We have a long legacy of being proponents for the implementation of world-class NMT infrastructure. 

  • Pedestrian and cyclist demand surveys
  • Bikeways, bike lanes, walkways and sidewalks
  • NMT crossings and signalisation
  • NMT road signs and markings
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Universal access facilities

Some of our iconic NMT infrastructure projects are the Rondebosch bicycle network and more recently the award winning MyCiTi Phase 1A project, both in Cape Town.

MyCiTi Bus Rapid Transit, Cape Town, South Africa

HHO undertook the planning, design and implementation of this award winning project, which incorporated approximately 32 km of continuous NMT infrastructure (bike lanes and sidewalks) parallel to the busways, as well as NMT integration networks to 38 bus stations and over 500 bus stops.

NMT Facility Improvements, Stellenbosch, South Africa

HHO was responsible for the planning, design and implementation of priority NMT projects, which involved sidewalk and bike lane provision, as well as safe crossings and universal access facilities at intersections.

NMT Masterplan, Overstrand, South Africa

HHO undertook stakeholder engagements and visual assessment of the study area in order to develop a NMT Master Plan, which includes a Walking Network Strategy & Plan, a Cycling Network Strategy & Plan and a prioritised NMT Infrastructure Improvement Plan.