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Pavement Engineering

Pavement Engineering and its application to pavement structures in the broad transportation sector represent extremely valuable assets. The ever increasing costs and performance demands placed on pavements have serious impacts on sensitive economics in our changing world.

The engineering sciences behind the understanding of transport pavement structure design, performance and maintenance have been developed over the last few decades internationally. In this regard, South African, and especially HHO, pavement engineers have stood their ground on the international stage.

At HHO, we have a Pavement Engineering team that has, over the last three decades, been intimately involved in the full spectrum of Pavement Engineering at a national level. Our experience relates to both research and practice in all fields of Pavement Engineering.

  • Unsurfaced, surfaced, flexible and rigid pavement structures for use in the field of roads, airports, harbours and rail transportation
  • Naturally occurring to modified granular and stabilised materials
  • Mechanical, chemical, cementitious, bituminous stabilisation and concrete
  • In-situ recycling, continuously reinforced concrete and heavy duty asphalt and concrete and brick paving
  • Holistic assessment, design, rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Broad range of non-destructive and destructive testing
  • Best practice for economic analysis of pavement life cycles
  • Performance monitoring

We practice modern, up to date best practice in all fields of Pavement Engineering and subscribe to the broad range of design approaches, software and material codes, guides and specifications available locally and internationally.

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MyCITI Bus Rapid Transit, Cape Town, South Africa

HHO undertook the detailed design and implementation of this award winning bus rapid transit project, which incorporated approximately 32 km of dedicated bus lanes, built using continuously reinforced concrete coloured with an iconic red texture and now fondly referred to as the red routes.

Container Terminal Upgrade, Cape Town, South Africa

To improve the efficiency of stacking containers within the terminal from 3 high to 5 high stacks, HHO undertook a pavement loading analysis and developed and evaluated a range of pavement strengthening options, the preferred option being a replacement of the concrete pavement slabs under the 5 high stacks.

N2/Borcherds Quarry Interchange Upgrade, Cape Town, South Africa

In addition to providing additional new lanes on the N2, HHO undertook a pavement assessment of the existing concrete pavement lanes and designed the rehabilitation of the existing lanes. The project incorporated recycling of the old concrete pavement for use in the new pavement structures.