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Wayfinding can be described as a system that helps the public to solve spatial problems. It is a system where design elements aid the orientation of people and safely guide them through a physical space by enhancing their understanding thereof. At HHO we believe that by designing effective wayfinding solutions we can make a difference to society by adding quality of life for all.

Wayfinding is expanding into an integral part of urban developments. Today almost every type of public space and most private developments require a wayfinding system. We offer our clients a holistic approach to wayfinding design and implementation focused on the needs of all end user groups – a truly barrier-free design to complement our projects and the developments we deliver.

Our clients are offered international best practice accessible wayfinding design as part of our multi-disciplinary inclusive approach to making a difference to society.

MyCiTi Bus Rapid Transit, Cape Town, South Africa

This award winning project, incorporated approximately 32 km of continuous NMT infrastructure, NMT integration networks to 38 bus stations and over 500 bus stops. HHO designed and implemented the full spectrum of accessible wayfinding to serve the NMT routes and bus stations.

Century City Development, Cape Town, South Africa

HHO developed a family of accessible wayfinding signage for this prestigious urban development, which was implemented at their convention centre precinct and NMT network. The signage included innovative tactile precinct maps that can be used by the partially sighted and blind.

Pedestrian information at Signalised Intersections

In order to convey greater understanding of the pedestrian aspects of signalised intersections, HHO developed a tactile pictogram sign that could be stuck on each traffic light post to assist pedestrians to understand complaint behaviour and when to cross safely.