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Economic Evaluation of Transport Projects

Sound investment decisions can only be made once all alternative solutions have been evaluated and their costs and benefits have been determined.

At HHO, we believe that our clients deserve to fully understand the returns on their investment and that the proposed solution is the optimum solution, from both a technical and financial perspective.

We have undertaken numerous transport economic evaluations utilising the City of Cape Town’s Guidelines for Conducting Economic Evaluations of Urban Transport Projects.

  • Economic Indicators of Projects (NPV, IRR, FYRR)
  • Prioritisation of Projects
  • Timing or Phasing of Projects

We are able to undertake economic evaluations of projects ranging from simple intersection and link improvements, to complex interchange projects.

Voortrekker Road Upgrade, Cape Town, South Africa

HHO undertook a multimodal transport assessment of this critical commuter corridor to identify transport upgrades for the route to cater for all modes, and used a transport economic evaluation of the planned implementation proposals to assess their cost benefit and priorities

N1/Marine Drive and Lower Church Interchanges Upgrade, Cape Town, South Africa

HHO prepared the preliminary design of these adjacent urban interchanges, and modelled the system travel time benefits for each of the three upgrade phases for input into a transport economic evaluation, to prove financial viability.

Koeberg Interchange Upgrade, Cape Town, South Africa

HHO was responsible for the conceptual design, traffic analysis and evaluation of alternative upgrade proposals at this critical urban interchange. The Phase 1 upgrade involved two large directional ramps, the viability of which were proven through conducting a transport economic evaluation